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RichPrince Ft. AYtee & Barry Jhay
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K Bullet ft. Mr Aytee
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Danger that Nigerians can’t cope with the future if FG does not intervene in ritual murders
By on February 6th, 2022. News

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Danger that Nigerians can’t cope with the future if FG does not intervene in ritual murders

The four boys who killed a teenager in Abeokuta for money rituals

There is no lie that ritualistic killings are taking on several dimensions in this country Nigeria.

Danger that Nigerians can't cope with the future if FG does not intervene in ritual murders

Therefore, the is an impending danger that may lead to the threat that people will face in the future if the federal government doesn’t intervene in ritualistic killings that are happening in Nigeria society.
One important thing about these problems is that they are young people who are now very desperate to collect with all the means without better or specific work.

TheAmara truth is the fact that young people are now ready to go every length to get wealth. It is on the ground that I studied several ways or methods that use wealth and some of these funds are what returned in this article.

Mania for fast money, fame and material wealth Ornament The trend of our young people to anyone practices and fetish as various blood rituals, excreted foods, infectious sex, spraying money in public for rituals , bathing in public places, eating human pieces, consume drug drugs and instructions, naked, among other things, bizarre rituals. We do not have to grow.

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All these vehicles are always under the rituals of money, such as young people now mark “Yahoo others”. This is an indication that when it becomes difficult to hurry by people through the Internet, other negative ways to acquire wealth at all costs.

That’s why we heard about different ways, some of which are some of which they have been listed above. As a result, we still hear many horrors about people killed in a ritual way. Over the past few days, a young man would attack his mother to Opries.

A mother who invited to the hotel did not know that his son chose him to be absorbed as part of a silver ritual. Another brutal murder took place in Abokuta, the capital of the state of Ogun, where it was reported that four boys joined to kill a teenager who was a daughter of one of them.The reports were then cut into monetary rituals. All the rituals of money do not require the death of people. Some went even, for a person who made a ritual would make a friend to have sex with him, then a man who used him for a bad ritual, he would take all his money.Thiscan be preferred if everyone was, but the question is now different, which means the consumption of spirituality of happiness, as well as the consumption of victims of the victim and the combustion of his body to consumption, of even that boys arrested in Aliokut. In this way, the Nigerian Government must never hide his face with all carcases, because each challenge act would lead to more appreciated acts of the so-called Guys who are willing to do everything to become rich.The truth is that the Nigerian Government must submit a public statement on the charm in front of murder rituals and follow the right to give and take what he says that if someone kills another person, this person is not worth a trouble to live and should be treated in The same way. In general, the leaders have a privilege to submit a statement against any Earth event.As a result, all people turn to the government in Wade, because the danger that can happen in the future is that if this basket is not put into arrest today, tomorrow, the murders of people could even take place in public.

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